Cinergee puts you “in control” to live a healthy and happier life. Through emotional harmony, masterful wellness and glowing vitality..... Life just got better!
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Launceston Massage - Launceston Day Spa

 Hi and welcome to Cinergee!

We specialise in STRESS MANAGEMENT!!!! However stress manifests for you, you can guarantee we have a service to cater for it

If you are looking for a place that specialises in:

  • remedial massage that doesn't leave you feeling battered and bruised
  • therapeutic massages for sports injuries, swelling and oedema, headaches, postural problems, general aches and pains just to name some of the issues we deal with
  • skin care concerns - acne, dehydration, capillary damage, sensitivity, rosacea, scarring, pigmentation, sun-damage, pre-mature ageing or even how to take care of your skin if you have "let it go" with simple, down-to-earth recommendations from experienced therapists
  • hair removal - both temporary and permanent methods
  • group functions - a place where you can join your friends, have fun, and experience amazing relaxation treatments
  • a team that researches thoroughly every ingredient they put on your skin for efficiency and to do you no harm
  • a team committed to your health and the environment
  • detox programs
  • nutritional advice
  • health appraisals
  • total relaxation and bliss with our spa menu - techniques chosen from around the globe
  • staff that undergo weekly training to excel in pampering or treating you
  • a team that is committed to pass on their knowledge so that you are fully equipped with answers
  • a team committed to serving you for your highest good, not because they want a sale

If you are looking for an amazing experience, each and every time you have a service with us, then Cinergee is that place!

CINERGEE - When only the best will do!

Cinergee is now high tech in their Advanced Skin & Anti-Ageing Centre, with dermal rollers, laser therapy, LED therapy, peels, capillary removal and non-surgical face lifting.

If you are feeling like ageing is firmly taking hold and you would like to "turn back the clock" revealing vibrant and healthy skin of yesteryear, without surgery, and in a relaxed non-clinical looking environment, then come and relax with us. Our professionals work synergistically with your long term goals in mind. Comprehensive consultations include nutrition and lifestyle assessments to give you the best outcomes. We are serious about getting you results that will make your friends envious.

We specialise in massage, massage and more massages so if you are looking for a massage in Launceston, a facial or skin care in Launceston or even waxing, manicures/pedicures, body scrubs or wraps in Launceston then Cinergee is for you.........we have experienced massage therapists, facialists and skin care specialists to take care of you. So look no further than Cinergee for your massage, facial or spa treatment when in Launceston.

Relaxation is our ultimate aim! In today's hectic lifestyle, illness and a loss of energy or vitality are issues effecting many. At Cinergee we want you to experience the difference when your total health and wellbeing is a focus of everything we do.

With beautifully appointed rooms, soothing aromas and effective and indulgent treatments carried out by our professional and experienced therapists. Combined together this will nurture your inner-most need for renewal and rejuvenation in the most indulgent of experiences.

Designed to deliver a sense of wellbeing and indulgence, Cinergee offers a serene and luxurious environment making it a perfect place to escape today’s hectic lifestyle.

Cinergee offers a unique menu of first class treatments which merge techniques and specialties from around the world. Senses will be invigorated, the body relaxed and the mind lifted into a state of peaceful euphoria.